Teo and Sara is experimenting major technical difficulties! We'll be back as soon as JexKeromely possible so keep checking back! Thanks for understanding!

February 2016 Update: The site uses ASP.NET (it used to use plain ASP at the start) and always worked perfecty on my PC. I chose Heliohost precisely because they allegedly support ASP.NET and thus migrating it should have been hassle free with little or no recoding to be done, but after three months the site simply won't run at all no matter what I try or rewrite, and I've had just about enough. I'm going to rebuild the entire site in PHP from scratch, with the help of my bro Fistandanbitus, who is a Master of PHP. It should take two or three months. Afterwards I will decide whether to stay on Heliohost or look for better hosting, since not only was the ASP.NET thing a wash, but the server seems to crash regularly and is never up all the time.

March 2016 Update: Site's pretty much done, with just the comment page left to do, but then my brother, in true Fistandanbitus fashion, told me it's vulnerable to a bunch of wacky user hijinx. And it's been like that since like, forever, only our awesome unparalleled obscurity protecting us from the ill will of the interwebs thus far. And he hadn't said a word till now. So of course, now I'm coding in the safeguards against them hijinx. So hiatus will last a tad more, I guess.

August 2016 Update: Annnnnd shortly after the March update, the gods-damned server finally died for real, and it wasn't fixed until this month. I was caught flat-footed, without a backup of the current site code, so moving elsewhere would have meant rewriting everything from scratch again, as it seems no one else supports ASP.NET (and we know how that went...) I decided to wait and hope against hope they'd get it back up at least long enough to backup the code, and just as I was starting to think they had given up on it as a bad job, the server's up again and Heliohost claiming it's more robust than ever, but I ain't takin' no chances. Heliohost came highly recommended with tons of praise for it, but for me it was the quintessential case of getting what you paid for: nothing but frustration and a huge amount of wasted time. The silver lining is that, since they forced me to code the site in PHP, the most commonly supported language, my options for free hosting have expanded enormously. So I have that to thank them for, I guess. Neways, I'm backing up the site as we speak and, Omar Sharif willing, sometime next month (cross ALL your fingers) you will either see the site back up, or at least a further migration update confirming the move to a new, better host.

P.S. I'll note here that now I won't have help from Fistandanbitus, him gotten married and all that jazz back in April, so I expect to take more time to do what needs to be done. Also note every one of these migration updates contains the nick "Fistandanbitus," because my fingers like touchtyping that damn word. Fistandanbitus. Fistandanbitus. Fistandanbitus. OK, that's enough. Fistandanbitus.